A short profile

I've been busking - performing since I first started playing didge 7 years ago.

I'd been playing guitar and African drums for a number of years before, but finding the didge seemed to propel me into a new field of inspiration. I'd take my didge everywhere with me hitch-hiking across America and parts of Europe, to travelling in rikshaws around India. It's amazing how a log with a hole in it can help you to make new friends wherever you are.

When it came to making the CD "Carpet Gipsy" I tried to pull together all the influences of the past 7 years (my travels abroad and my love of didge and world music).

The CD was recorded at home in my bedroom during the winter months of last year. Surrounded by instruments, a small gas heater and some modern technology, I cocooned myself off from the outside world for about 3 months. I ventured out now and again to grab a new didge from Ant the amazing didge maker, and to do some busking, which provided live tracks for the cd and some money to keep me going.

The end result is what you hear - I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoyed making it……

November 2002

Richard Bridge