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Site: Shamanic Verses

URL: http://www.ShamanicVerses.co.uk

UK (London) - based group, didgeridoo teacher and commercial site.

What's on offer ?

- Workshops (not online):
     - Circular breathing & rhythm building
     - Overtone singing from complete novice to advanced
     - One-to-one sessions for didjeridu and overtone singing
- Performances: Improvised sound journeys using Tibetan trumpets, singing bowls, quartz crystal bowls, fujara, gongs, Tibetan ritual temple cymbals, didjeridus and Rami's awesome Mongolian Khöömii and western overtone singing
- Shop: authentic quality musical instruments from around the world incl. Gongs, Tibetan trumpets, Yidaki, Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls, etc.


Link doesn't work? Site has disappeared? Description out of date? Please let me know - thanks !