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URL: http://www.eniar.org

GB (London) - based community site.

What's on offer ?

Not a didgeridoo-site as such, but an absolute must for all those who feel they should help Australian Aborigines, and those who simply want to inform themselves.

The ENIAR Mission Statement:

To promote the recognition and protection of the inherent rights and fundamental freedoms of Indigenous Australians, with a particular emphasis on their right to self-determination.


Highlight abuses of indigenous rights in Australia
Support Aboriginal initiatives to achieve recognition, human rights and social justice.
Work towards reconciliation between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal Australians.
Mobilise public pressure on decision makers to end discrimination and injustice.


Network information relating to Indigenous rights, between Europe and Australia.
Organise awareness raising events and actions; with an emphasis on events/actions that will coincide with events/actions in Australia.
Lobby relevant bodies to take action, eg MPs, Trade unions, Church groups.
Support Indigenous delegations to Europe (within the limits of a very small budget).
Produce up to date information materials, for circulation on the network.

What is ENIAR?

ENIAR formed in May 1998 from the Australian and European based work of individuals and organisations, committed to human rights and social justice for Indigenous Australians.
Organisations whose work formed the basis for ENIAR:
- National Indigenous Working Group on Native Title (NIWG);
- Australians for Native Title and Reconciliation (ANTaR);
- International Supporters of Australian Native Title (ISANT);
The NIWG is a national coalition of Indigenous organisations including land councils, legal services, native title representative bodies, the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission and the Indigenous Land Corporation.
The Working Group was mandated to develop a position on proposed amendments to the Native Title Act (NTA) and to present this to the government. Between October 1997 and May 1998, the NIWG had a liason officer based in London.
ANTaR is a coalition of Australian individuals and organisations, including major trade unions, churches, welfare groups and individuals.. Since it's formation in 1997, it has grown into a nationwide people's movement which stands in solidarity with Indigenous Australians. ANTaR was established with the clear purpose of assisting Indigenous Australians fight to protect native title as well as promoting reconciliation. ANTaR policies are developed in conjunction with Indigenous leaderships, including the NIWG. ANTaR's UK support group was formed in February 1998.
ISANT was formed in 1997 to raise international awareness of the Australian Government's proposed changes to the Native Title Act.
Numerous individual people approached one of the above organisations to offer their assistance, and became part of the network.



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