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Site: Mad Matt

URL: http://www.mad-matt.de

German (53721 Siegburg) - based player's, teacher's, commercial and community site
(German language, partially also English and French.)

What's on offer ?

- Online shopping for didges (with gallery), CDs and more
- Events calendar
- All about Mad Matt and his music
- Workshops, courses and lessons (not online)
- Tips and Info on playing and instrument care
- Didges and health
- Various other didge-related pages
- There's a lot on this site. If you understand German it's especially worth a look.
- Online Shop/grosser Katalog fuer Didgeridoos (mit Bilder-Galerie), CDs, Taschen und Zubehör
- Veranstaltungskalender
- Alles ueber Mad Matt und seine Musik
- Workshops fuer Anfanger + Fortgeschrittene, Einzelunterricht (nicht online, sondern in echt)
- Spiel- und Pflegetips fuer Didger
- Didgeridoo + Gesundheit
- Eine Menge sonstiger Didgeridoo bezogener Infos
- Sehr grosse und informative Site.


Link doesn't work? Site has disappeared? Description out of date? Please let me know - thanks !