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Site: Blue Cave

URL: http://bluecave.kulturserver-nrw.de

German (NRW) - based player's, teacher's and writer's site.
(German language only)

What's on offer ?

- Home of Günter H. Müller
- Concerts (Didgeridoo, Fujara, Shakuhachi)
- Workshops (Didgeridoo + Fujara)
- Didgeridoo textbooks
- Link list (Didgeridoo + Fujara)
- Konzerte mit Didgeridoo, Fujara + Shakuhachi
- Lehrbuch MIT NOTATION und CD: "Didgeridoo spielen lernen - aus dem Bauch heraus"
- Link-Liste zu Didgeridoo und Fujara
- Workshops für Anfänger und Fortgeschrittene (stets aktuelle Termine)


Link doesn't work? Site has disappeared? Description out of date? Please let me know - thanks !