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Site: Yothu Yindi

URL: http://www.yothuyindi.com

Australian (Darwin, NT) - player's site.

What's on offer ?

A legendary Yolngu (Aborigine) band. One of the first to combine traditional Yolngu culture with modern instruments successfully, and the first to go big-time with Balanda (non-Aboriginals).

Beautiful site with lots of cultural info, band info, tour info, CDs, even an online mixer where you can make your own mix out of Yothu Yindi samples.

"Time is running out. Our generation represents perhaps the last chance to rescue Mother Earth, the last chance to learn from indigenous people who hold the lore and the law, to share knowledge and experience and create a world in which can all live in harmony.

Our life on Earth is a precarious state, our capacity to sustain ourselves and survive has been greatly reduced. There is no time to be complacent if we are to save ourselves. It's time to explore different cultures and learn from them, to get active, participate and learn from those people wo are at one with the Earth, whose philisophy is to live with Mother Earth rather than conquering her."


Link doesn't work? Site has disappeared? Description out of date? Please let me know - thanks !