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Site: Djalu

URL: http://www.djalu.com

Australian (Ski Beach, NT) based Yolngu (Aboriginal) commercial and info site

What's on offer ?

" Rripangu Yirdaki is the name of my enterprise. 'Rripangu' means lightning and all that lightning represents – it is a powerful symbol of my Galpu clan and, as lightning, I am strong and I do not fear anything.
Please come and explore with me the world of yirdaki – do not be afraid, but come in peace and honour and you will discover something you don’t know."

Home of Djalu Gurruwiwi, who many consider the modern day "Stradivarius" amongst yidaki craftsmen. A man with a mission. A beautiful and informative site, and a great place to look for that really special instrument (colour photos). Highly recommended.


Link doesn't work? Site has disappeared? Description out of date? Please let me know - thanks !