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URL: http://www.caama.com.au

Australian - based Aboriginal community site.

What's on offer ?
- Not a didge site as such, but home of the Central Australian Aboriginal Media Association
- "In the late 1970's, in the heart of Australia, two Aboriginal people and a non-Aboriginal associate had a dream. The dream was for Aboriginal voices to be heard throughout the world and for Aboriginal people to take ownership and control of their own future through a strong and vibrant media centre to be located in Alice Springs.
The dream became a reality in 1980 when the Central Australian Aboriginal Media Association (CAAMA) was established.
The Aboriginal people of Central Australia own CAAMA, and its objectives focus on the social, cultural and economic advancement of Aboriginal peoples.
It has a clear mandate to promote Aboriginal culture, language, dance, and music while generating economic benefits in the form of training, employment and income generation. CAAMA produces media products that engender pride in Aboriginal culture, and informs and educates the wider community of the richness and diversity of the Aboriginal peoples of Australia."


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